Ms. Jannie Gets Her Hair Did! [VIDEO]

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Rickey Smiley went by Ms. Jannie’s house and she was looking real good with her new hairdo. She told Rickey she went to the beauty parlor and got it done. Rickey mentioned that her hair was laid and it had the perfect curls in it to go with that cut.

Ms. Jannie was cooking and Rickey was trying to leave, but she kept telling him to stay. They then began discussing a shrimp recipe with potatoes and Rickey told her to add Old Bay seasoning to that. Ms. Jannie mentioned to Rickey that she can’t use that kind of seasoning because she has acid reflux.

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With the oven being on Rickey kept talking about how hot he was. Ms. Jannie and him started laughing about it as Rickey fanned himself with his hat. We can’t wait for Rickey to drop by her house again.

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