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On today’s episode of ‘State Of The Culture’ the use of certain words became topic of discussion. I’m sure you’ve had this conversation several times with friends, but THE N-WORD IS PROHIBITED NO MATTER WHAT! According to Rem, “As long as it’s not a racial slur, im cool with it”.

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TSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee: @Kyle.Anfernee 🎥: @revolttv #Roommates, I’m sure we’ve all heard the n-word by now. It’s a word that’s heavily used in the African American community, so much that most of us aren’t even phased when we hear it, that is until another race says it. On this weeks episode of 'State of the Culture,' Remy Ma opened up about not being offended when someone who’s NOT black says the n-word. ___________________________________ “I don’t usually get offended, regardless of what your nationality is if I feel like you’re not using it as a racial slur.” ___________________________________ “I hear it so frequently from people who aren’t black people. Like Fat Joe, he’s the blackest Spanish guy on this planet earth and I’ve never questioned did it” ___________________________________ Thoughts?

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