We are halfway through the week and If you haven’t gotten a good workout in this week,  I have the perfect total-body workout for you. Check out the details for this killer workout below.

Equipment: Mat, weight, dumbbell, bench or chair, resistance band & stability ball (optional)


Warm up for 5-10 minutes. Complete each move for 45-60 seconds. Taking a 10-20 second break between each move. Repeat this circuit 3-5 times. Once all circuits are complete cool down for 5-10 minutes.

1.Stability Ball V-Crunch 


2. Step Ups ( Right and Left Legs) 


3. Single-Arm Row


4.Tuck Jump to Butt Kick



To get into more of my workouts, be sure to follow me on Instagram at LoveJackiePaige. For details about challenges, virtual classes and more visit my website LoveJackiePaige.Com.



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