Charlotte Uprising Protest November 30

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The Kansas City Police Commissioner Board was not ready for Keiajah Gabbrell. She pulled up on their public meeting and decided to read the whole board. Kansas City, like other cities across America has been riddled with corrupt cops, police brutality and racial injustice. During the meeting citizens are given a few minutes to share their grievances, ideas, or concerns and Keiajah gave them just that. Check out the viral video below:

Here’s a another angle in case you wanted to see the folks Keiajah was talking too lol!!

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i spent this morning DRAGGING the board of police commissioners for their COMPLICITY in the brutalization and MURDER of black people in kansas city. they looked soulless and apathetic as the others detailed their frustration and anguish about the gravitas of this situation. so i used my time to drag them. 😊 SPEECH CAPTIONS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARR HARD OF HEARING OR DEAF. 🧏🏽 fair warning: i’m not nice. and i don’t seek to be respectable. i’m not asking y’all for anything. cause y’all cant and WONT be both my oppressor and my savior. i don’t want reform. i want to turn this building into luxury low cost housing. these would make some niceee apartments. FIRSTLY, stop using black CHILDREN as photo OPPORTUNITIES. they’re cute now. and then in 10 years they’re “black male suspect in red shirt and khaki shorts.” eating cookies and drinking milk with children doesn’t absolve ANY of you of your complicity in their oppression and continual denigration. cause kansas city will spend MORE on police than education and then try to encourage children to feast with their oppressors. y’all are weird. it’s asinine to be called “radical” or a home grown “terrorist” for not wanting GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES to KILL CITIZENS in any instance. i’m not here begging anything of soulless white folks and self-preserving black folks. you get one life. and YOU ALL. EVERY ONE OF YOU IN THIS ROOM. have chosen PROFITS over PEOPLE. and that’s PATHETIC. so i’m gonna spend the next two minutes reading yall for a filth, something i’m sure no one has ever done. NATHAN- the gentleman in the vomit-colored men’s warehouse suit in desperate need of bosley and a haircut. a former FBI Agent who exudes white privilege and is the epitome of mediocrity and who loves Trump sooo much he hired his former Attorney General at his firm. so sweet. he’s spent most of this meeting looking away and holding his head in his hands. CONTINUED IN COMMENTS.

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She did not come to play with them.

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