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Get fit and stay fit while you are at home with my Midday Workouts. Midday Workouts focus on burning calories, building muscle and building a better you!

Today’s workout is a total-body toner! Perform each move for 30-60 seconds moving to the next move right after. Once the circuit is complete take a 20-30 rest break and repeat 3-5 times. 

Remember to warm up before and cool down after this workout!

If you do not have sliders, this workout can be done with socks or a towel.


1.Side-to Side Slide 


2. Push Up 


3. Front to Back Lunge 

4.Plank Jack to Tuck 


For more workouts and fitness tips, be sure to follow me on Instagram at LoveJackiePaige or visit my website LoveJackiePaige.Com.

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