Gucci Mane in Saint Louis

No, I’m not saying Beyoncè or FLOTUS because neither Jay or POTUS are going to jail or losing their job anytime soon. Yes, we vote November 8th, but Barack isn’t losing. You may say to yourself, ” Victoria, what qualifies you as a “Ride Or Die”, “Down Ass”, “100” Chick? Well based off of the following ladies, they stuck by their man, Win, Lose, Or Draw! And no, their last names don’t start with a “K” or “J”.

3. Nicki Minaj

She stuck by Meek and this boy stay in MAN drama! Does Meek have a fish bowl filled with rappers names, and he just picks random rappers to try and beef with??? Bruh, you didn’t learn from Drake? None the less though… Nicki stood by and continues as now he’s moved from The Game, to now her ex, Safar-far (I KNOW THAT ISN’T HIS NAME BUT I REFUSE TO CALL A MAN THAT NAME)! Nicki loves her some Meek.

2. Keyshia Ka’oir

Play if you want to, but who holds their significant other down, while serving time in jail?… Besides Papoose (Remy Ma got one, before #ForeverDuncan). Keyshia wasn’t trying to win when he got out, she held on, on her own. She didn’t get in any mess, she wasn’t seen with multiple men, she was on her work until Gucci got out.

1. Melina Trump

She plagiarizes, he grabs… Need I say more?

Ride on!

Victoria Said It!

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