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One of Mecklenburg County’s most interesting district court judges is stepping down at the end of the year. Judge Yolanda Trotman turned in her resignation. She announced in a video on Facebook that she was leaving the bench to pursue other opportunities late last week. She will return to private practice and focus on community service.

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“This is not a decision that I take lightly,” Trotman said in her Facebook video. “I can and believe I will be more effective by stepping away from the bench and dedicating myself to causes that deeply impact this community in meaningful ways.

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Since joining the bench in 2014, Trotman has worked to educate the public, especially children and young adults, about proper court etiquette. She has a popular non-profit called iSpeak Now. She will also be working on a  new non-profit that focuses on the lack of access to legal representation for defendants.

“I have to do what nourishes my soul. I have to the courage to do it,” Trotman said in her video.


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