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Fetty Wap‘s love of strippers just costed him a pretty penny.

Page Six reports the rapper was sued by famed plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Jones, after his crew trashed the doctor’s house, leaving blunts and “stripper underwear” strewn around. The We Are the Joneses star rented his $2.1 million Puerto Rico mansion to the rapper and his crew last July, but after they left, Jones’ place was reportedly a complete disaster.

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TSR STAFF: Debra Oh! @The_Ebony_Issue _____________________________________ Fetty Wap was in the hot seat with celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Jones after he was accused of "leaving blunts and stripper underwear" throughout the doctor's home when he rented it. _____________________________________ According to Page Six, Fetty had rented the $2.1 million Puerto Rico mansion from Jones back in July 2016 and had apparently left the home a mess. The "We Are The Joneses" star's home reportedly had about $45,ooo in damages, which included "holes in the walls, blunts scattered through the house, bed linen missing and 'stripper lingerie' strewn about the place. There was also damage to the property’s golf carts." _____________________________________ The damage was supposedly so bad, production for his show's new season was set back for weeks as production tried to repair what they could. _____________________________________ On the bright side, Fetty's insurance covered — read more st (link in bio)

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He found holes in the walls, blunts scattered through the house, bed linen missing, stripper lingerie scattered throughout the place and there was also damage to the property’s golf carts. According to reports, Fetty’s crew was estimated to have caused $50,000 in damage. Reportedly, the damages caused the production of Jones’ reality show We Are the Joneses to be set back by a few weeks while repairs were done.

The rapper’s insurance paid for most of the approximately $40,000 in costs, but Jones sued Fetty for the remaining $5,000 needed to finish the repairs that were over and above what the insurance company would pay. Although Fetty Wap has yet to speak out about the incident, sources say that he “took care” of the costs.

No more drama.

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