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Ex-NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire is not ready for a gay teammate, or so it appears with a homophobic “joke” he made recently.

Amidst playing for Hapoel Jerusalem in the Israeli Premier League, Soudemire was asked by an Israeli media outlet if he would have an issue with a gay teammate. Stoudemire’s response: “‘I’m going to shower across the street.” Stoudemire seems to be in the minority with his fears of gay athletes. Most players interviewed said they wouldn’t have an issue. You can see the full video below:

It’s understandable that Stoudemire’s drastic change in location to avoid a gay teammate could be read as a joke. However, when the reporter questioned Stoudemire’s seriousness, he responded, “There’s always a truth within a joke.”

Hopefully, with young athletes like My-King Johnson being unapologetic about their sexual orientation, Stoudemire better start getting comfortable…or else he’ll have to make extra time for his gym changes.


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