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Kevin Gates At 92.7 The Block

Source: Tonya Jameson / Tonya Jameson

Kevin Gates still seems to make headlines while being behind bars it’s because his fan base is supper! If you never understood Gates fanbase just open your ears and close your mouth and listen to why his fan base is obsessed with his music. We came up with 5 songs on the #ChewyTakeOver that would make you think how understand him out side his main stream songs.


5.   Time For That

Time for that has easily been a fan favorite after getting his heart broken Kevin describes his search for someone that will have his back! As the title says states he is just out of time for the foolishness.


4. Stop Lyin’

In this song Gates explains that the lies the betrayal and inconsistency of truth telling is enough. The games of story telling to Kevin weather it’s from friends or the woman he is interacting with is over. He will not allow himself to feel emotionally depressed or weaken by this person(s).

3. Posed To Be In Love

Posed to be in love is a song that crosses lines with many of his listeners. He describes what is considered domestic violence from him getting his heart broken. This song resonates into the masses for his freedom of speech. Gates unresponsive communication attempt deeply saddens him because he feels as she is leaving the relationship.


2. Ain’t Too Hard

Unlike the songs above Kevin is expressing his pain and distorted vision to relate and be with his counterpart. Kevin explains that the relationship journey is going to weather a lot of stormy days but despite his appearance he is there for her.


1.  Satellites

This song has been one of Kevin’s first songs and has been around for years but tons of Gates supporters continue to play this songs years later. This song is a depiction of  Gates being lost and his quest on finding someone who he will find love for.


These aren’t the only songs that will make you love Kevin from a musical stand point now gates is currently serving a person tenured in Illinois for a gun charge. We at the #ChewyTakeOver can not wait to see how he will bounce back. While is reign on the top of the industry was brief we hope it will not be the last we hear from him.

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