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“Maturity comes not with age but with the acceptance of responsibility.” – Edwin Louis Cole

On Sevyn Streeter‘s 31st birthday, the singer/songwriter releases her debut LP “Girl Disrupted” as a declaration of her growth and self-development.

When asked about “Girl Disrupted” during BET Awards Weekend, Sevyn simply said, “Be ready for some shit to be disrupted.”

For the last four years, Sevyn Streeter has been making a mark on the music industry and nestling comfortably in our hearts. From debut single as a solo artist “I Like It,” to club banger “Prolly,” the girl we once knew is no more and Sev seems to have found her voice not only in music, but in love.

During an intimate conversation with our Online Editor and Entertainment Reporter Bobby Pen, Sevyn Streeter shares how “Girl Disrupted,” helped transform the woman she is today. You can watch the full interview below.

When asked what will be different from her previous EP’s “Call Me Crazy But…” and “Shoulda Been There,” she states they’re her testing ground.

“EP’s are fun. That’s where I test the sound. It’s where we vibe together. Now, we’re in our rhythm– me and my #StreetTeam. We know each other,” Sevyn says. She also states the obvious, “plus there are way more songs [on ‘Girl Disrupted’].”

Sev also explains her lyrical growth: “You’ve heard me in the past. I’ve been pissed off. ‘He really hurt me,’” she explains. On the album, OK. We’ve touched all those emotions and those vibes. I kind of got to go between those and really pinpoint every emotion.”

Essentially, Sevyn views this album as a sort of aural therapy. “There’s a song for whatever we’re going through in life,” she says. “Life, love and relationships: there’s a song on ‘Girl Disrupted’ for it.”

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Watch the exclusive one-on-one where Sevyn Streeter talks in detail about “Girl Disrupted” above. Take a listen via the Apple Music stream below.

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