DeRay Davis is a veteran comedian, which explains why rumors about his on-set spat with Tamar Braxton last week was probably a joke.

TMZ caught up with the funny man at Bootsy Bellows in WeHo Saturday night and asked him about his beef with Tay Tay on the set of Hip Hop Squares last week. The Grow House star told reporters, “No, that’s the weirdest. Me and Tamar are not beefing. Stop believing bull s***.”

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He added, “Toni [Braxton] was in my first movie— the second movie I’ve done after Barbershop. Tamar is my sister. When you play board games as Black people, you get to spite. Tamar is a cheater at board games, and she knows she’s a cheater with board games.”

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You may recall that on Friday, reports surface that Davis and Braxton had a blow up while filming the VH1 game show over DeRay joking that Tamar lip syncs. As for whether or not he threatened to sic his sisters on the singer, DeRay joked, “Black people also, we make our babies fight. I never said my sisters would beat Tamar’s sister’s a**. {Braxton sisters] crazy. And Towanda is one of my favorite people and I’m probably gonna end up marrying her one day.”

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The comedian also revealed that he has six sisters and five brothers. In other words, if things were to go down with someone, he has 11 siblings he can hit up to handle the situation.

See what else DeRay had to say in the video here.

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