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Today’s headlines are riddled with reports of adolescents and teens committing suicide after being taunted and harassed by their peers. Just last week, ten-year-old Ashawnty Davis took her own life after after video of a fight she was involved in was shared at school.

It’s clear bullying is a social epidemic among the youth, and one boy’s brave account of the horrors he faces in school is shedding more light on the issue.

Student Keaton Jones went viral after his mother recorded him detailing the cruel treatment he receives on a regular basis at his middle school in Knoxville, Tennessee. “Just out of curiosity, why do they bully?” he tells the camera.

Keaton explains the bullies make fun of his nose and call him ugly.

After the footage hit the web, celebrities rallied around the boy, offering their support. Tennessee Titans’ tight end Delanie Walker invited Keaton and his family to attend a game against Jacksonville on December 31st.

Cavs stars JR Smith & LeBron James both tweeted about the video, offering their encouragement:

Beyond the sports world, Dr.Phil, singer Heather Headley, and even Cardi B weighed in on the heartbreaking video:

A GoFundMe set up to raise a college fund for Keaton raised $20,000 in less than 24 hours.


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