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2018 is here! We’re two weeks in and with all the ruckus going on coming from 2017, we want to share some of the most anticipated moments of 2018.

Beyonce’ Headlining Coachella aka Beychella

Making for last year after the announcement of incoming twins. Beyonce’ is back on her A game, carrying her famous laptop and getting back into shape which is sure to be a show that no one wants to miss. Unfortunately…it’s sold out! I guess we’ll see on YouTube.


Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Premiere and Film

Ever since the announcement of the film Black Panther as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve have been salivating at the mouths for just a taste of what’s to come. So far, we have not been disappointed from The Black Panther Theatric Posters

to two full trailers of the film,

this is a moment in cinematic history that cannot be missed from the Red Carpet Premiere to the actual debut of the film. This is something that all fans of Marvel and a lot of the actors in the film have been waiting for.

Season Three of Insecure

HBO’s Insecure has us on the edge of our seats at the end of season 2 and now we have to wait for months before the debut of season 3. We have so many questions, 1. What’s going to happen with Jay?, 2. Will Issa and Daniel re-re-kindle their “friends with benefits or will Issa be that “friend” that stays on his couch forever?, 3. Why did Molly go back to Drough after having sex with her co-worker?!?!?!

I  mean we have so many questions and Issa Rae is just out here living her best life! Nominated at the Golden Globes, writing 2 new shows for HBO and sharing all her #blackgirlmagic we love it!

Justin Timberlake Performing During Half-Time During Super Bowl LII

With all the controversy happening within the NFL this past year, many wonder if there would any performer that would take a chance on performing at the Half-Time show. When the news came down to Justin Timberlake may be performing, many of us were outrage but now we’re curious to see what type of show he will be putting on. And if you remember the controversy from 2004 when he “accidentally” revealed Janet Jackson’s boob during his performance, has us thinking will he finally apologize for the incident in the form of bringing Janet on stage with him. And how much of his new album, Man Of The Woods will be be performing since he set to go on tour right after his album drops on February 2nd.

Are you ready? Here’s the performance from 2004’s Halftime Show:

And his new single, “Filthy”

Cardi B Dropping Her Solo Debut

Cardi B has had a great year….three top 10 singles, engaged, won at the BET Hip Hop Awards and nominated for two Grammys. But she knows why we’re here….we’re waiting on that solo debut. It was set to drop last year but after the successful of her hit single, “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi decided to take her time on dropping her first album and just hit us with another single, “Bartier Cardi” featuring 21 Savage. After all this waiting we’re all wondering the same thing….

It better be worth the wait!

Cardi B- “Bodak Yellow”

2018 is shaping up to be one awesome year for film, television and music! What moment are you looking forward to the most? Comment below.

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