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Mo’Nique has made headlines recently after she went on different interviews and social media to ask people to boycott Netflix. The Oscar winner, was allegedly offered $500,000 for an exclusive comedy special. Mo’Nique feels that she should’ve been offered more money and has no problem in talking about it.

According to Complex, she said, “Amy Schumer was offered $11 million. Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock, $20 million.” Mo’Nique also called on fans to boycott the streaming service for “gender bias and color basis.” Mo’Nique has also talked about the amount of money her movies made and how decorated she is by the different work she has done.

Jada Pinkett-Smith recently spoke out about Mo’Nique in support. Smith said, “You don’t have to like Mo’Nique’s approach. You don’t have to agree with her boycott but don’t allow all of that to make you blind to the fact that non-white women and impoverished white women are underpaid, underrepresented, and undervalued EVERYWHERE by EVERYONE.”Mo’Nique has a right to her own opinion and wants to share and shine light on what is happening in media whether you agree or not.

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