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We ended the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta with Cynthia getting information from Eva that her man, Will, might have a girlfriend. Tonight we pick up on that note. Cynthia is in tears out of frustration behind this, but Will does a good job convincing her that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, that he didn’t lie, and that they should just move on. They’re not exclusive anyway, right?


This leaves Nene Leakes saying that she’s done being carrier pigeon from now on and she will commit to minding her business when it comes to people’s relationships (in this case it was Nene’s friend, Eva, though, but she’s guilty by association).

We know she’s lying though. You know these women are too messy to stay out of anyone’s business, especially with cameras are rolling.


Now Will and Cynthia have to deal with how they’re going to move forward. Cynthia says all she wants is transparency. Will is wondering what the heck he signed up for. No really, he seriously asks what he signed up for.


Anyway, tonight’s episode is also the episode when hell freezes over. No for real. Hell hath frozen over because in this next scene, we find Mama Joyce and Porsha meeting up for a chat! MAMA JOYCE AND PORSHA meeting up for a chat! This meetup was actually initiated by Mama Joyce. Mama Joyce just wants to chat with Porsha to get her side of ruffie-gate. She just wants to know how Porsha really could have felt that what Phaedra said was true. The kicker is, Kandi doesn’t know this meeting is happening. Porsha basically says she took Phaedra’s word for it since she’s an attorney and was supposed to be her friend. In short, Mama Joyce actually hears Porsha out, sees her side of the story, and gives her some insight into how she can potentially get back right with Kandi. This is a surprisingly productive and mature moment for both women, especially Mama Joyce. You know how she likes going ham on people over her daughter.


Nene Leakes and Cynthia get together for a girlfriend kiki. Nene apologizes for bringing the Will drama to her doorstep and they move on swiftly. Cynthia then mentions that she’s going to Barcelona because she has always wanted to go, but she wants to turn this into a full-on girls trip. That also means Eva, Marlo, and even Kim are invited. Nene would rather not have Kim come, but the good news is she probably won’t show up anyway. You know she doesn’t go anywhere without Kroy. Kenya is also not going. She’s busy trying to get pregnant (she takes a test that comes up as inconclusive, so we’ll have to wait for the results of more testing) and she’s generally not interested in the inevitable drama that comes with these girls trip anyway.

Finally, Porsha hosts a vegan tasting dinner at her home in another attempt to extend an olive branch to the other ladies, but the person she has the most beef with (Kandi) isn’t coming, womp womp. However, the other usual suspects come through, including Marlo and Shamea, and even Kim. Cynthia discusses the Barcelona trip and they ask that if Kim comes that she doesn’t bring Kroy because they’re intentional about making this a girls trip. Kim doesn’t understand why they don’t want her to bring Kroy and then comes up with all this stuff about why he needs to travel with her, like the time she had a stroke on a 4-hour flight and Kroy basically saved her life. So how is she supposed to survive a 10-hour flight?

So dramatic.


Oh, the dramatics of it all. Anyway, the episode concludes with the group headed to the airport for Spain. Kim isn’t going after all, but Kandi is going! Perhaps she’ll be forced to deal with Porsha again, and if that doesn’t happen there’s definitely going to be drama when Nene discovers that Kim has been talking trash about her on social media.


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