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Jason Whitlock Outkick Trump Interview

Source: Outkick / Youtube

Look, we make no bones about it, but Jason Whitlock isn’t high on our cool Black dudes, but his latest act has us really scratching our heads. The conservative commentator and sports journalist threw Black Twitter for a loop by praising green food, water, and better health considering our man is someone who doesn’t look like he turns down seconds.

After a Twitter follower inquired if Whitlock would be taking the coronavirus vaccine, Whitlock got on his Trumpian swag and followed the poor advice trail to perfection instead of trusting the science.

“The best vaccine is weight loss, exercise, vitamin D, green food from the earth and water,” Whitlock fired back.

We usually don’t try to get on people and their weight because, you know, that’s human decency and some people can’t help it. Whitlock can most likely help it but just looks like he never has, so please, we beg our pardon if we’re a little incredulous regarding this advice on not taking the vaccine and using unproven methods to beat back the novel coronavirus pandemic.

If there’s one positive thing we can say about Whitlock’s comments to the Twitter follower is that we all should be taking care of ourselves by eating right, working out, and drinking a bit more water. None of this appears to be in the Whitlock Wheelhouse.

As expected, folks on Twitter are trying to figure out how Jason “Lemme Get Another” Whitlock is preaching the finer points of natural medicine and health. Someone must’ve given homie a book from Dr. Sebi, may he rest in peace.

Check out the reactions from Black Twitter and beyond below.

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