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Nicki Minaj had the Internet on fire last night (Oct. 29) after insinuating that Rah Ali was the one who gave Cardi B the massive knot on the side of her head and not security guards as originally stated. Cardi fired back at her rival via a series of epic Instagram video rants but it appears the ladies are calling a truce.

Before both women took the high road, there was plenty of mess and tea as the kids say, with Nicki making a series of claims and taking jabs at Cardi on Queens Radio where Tyga was a guest for the day. Everything from claims of bags getting stopped to petty gossip about song collabs that didn’t happen was discussed, including the now-infamous New York Fashion Week scuffle that was referenced at the top of this post.

Cardi was on fire last night and kept the pressure high on Nicki, almost daring for this beef to escalate to levels that neither artist should have been entertaining considering their level of fame and influence. In the end, however, Cardi appeared to agree with Nicki that they should end their beef and hopefully, that remains the last anyone hears of it.

Before the truce, there was a lot of chatter online and we’ve captured the reactions to all the happenings below, including a few parts of the IG rants.

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