Plump & Pudgy Comedians (PHOTOS)  was originally published on

1. 1. Jonah Hill recently was spotted out with a little more weight than the last time we saw him.

2. 2. Lavell Crawford is a classic comedian who always carried some extra weight.

3. 3. Frank Caliendo is known for his impressions and he’s quickly become one of the funniest fat guys in the business.

4. 4. Cedric The Entertainer may be a little big, but the laughs you get from his jokes are bigger!

5. 5. Chris Farley was a legendary fat comedian from his work on SNL to his movies.

6. 6. Robin Harris may have had a bit of a belly, but he definitely had everyone’s bellies sore from laughing.

7. 7. Rodney Dangerfield was a little chubby, but his jokes are ones for the history books.

8. 8. John Candy brought out the smiles with his classic comedy movies.

9. 9. Kevin Spacey may be on the heavier side, but he won’t disappoint to bring some hilarious comedic relief.

10. 10. Louie Anderson was a fat comedian that always had a funny line!