Plus, Sway, Kelly Rowland and more.

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1. Summer Swag

Summer Swag

2. Hats Off

Hats Off

3. Back to Business

Back to Business

4. Mamma Nia

Mamma Nia

5. Miss Thing

Miss Thing

6. Boss Lady

Boss Lady

7. Center of Attention

Center of Attention

8. Where’s the Hair, Becky?

Where’s the Hair, Becky?

9. Drizzy’s Girl

Drizzy’s Girl

10. Who’s That Girl

Who’s That Girl

11. Livin’ Lupita Loca

Livin’ Lupita Loca

12. Red All Over

Red All Over

13. Ageless Body

Ageless Body

14. Dizzy Spell

Dizzy Spell

15. Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders

16. Old Glamour

Old Glamour

17. Jam On It

Jam On It

18. Dadurday


19. Hot Mama

Hot Mama

20. Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer

21. Feelin’ Fab

Feelin’ Fab

22. Holla


23. Whip It Good

Whip It Good

24. Let’s Go Crazy

Let’s Go Crazy

25. Snatched


26. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

27. Shine Bright

Shine Bright

28. Bow Down

Bow Down

29. Rock ‘n Roll

Rock ‘n Roll

30. Beautiful People

Beautiful People

31. Look Back

Look Back

32. Every Guy’s Choice

Every Guy’s Choice